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This Week in Kpop

Dec 4, 2013

Welcome everyone to episode thirty five of This Week in Kpop.  In this episode, Stephen and Josh talk about the continued dominance of Hip Pop, 2NE1's 99 problems, buyouts, and the MAMAs.  

Music Videos of the Week:

  • San E (feat. Sanchez) - Break Up Dinner
  • 2AM - Regret
  • 100% V - Missing You
  • 2NE1 - Missing You
  • Electroboyz (feat. C-Luv) - Busted
  • Dynamic Duo (feat. Hyorin) - Hot Wings
  • Hyorin - Lonely
  • Hyorin - One Way Love

News of the Week:

  • 2NE1 talks about nude scenes, dating, and plastic surgery
  • No Korean artists featured in Japan's end of year festivals
  • Loen buying Starship
  • 2013 Mama winners

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