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This Week in Kpop

Nov 19, 2013

Welcome everyone to episode thirty three of This Week in Kpop.  In this episode, Stephen and new co-host Josh talk about getting rammed by haters over Taeyang's Ringa Linga and discuss how the properly send naked pictures over the internet. (Please excuse the audio quality dip as I am still in the process of getting things to work the same in Korea, especially without Kelvin)

Music Videos of the Week:

  • Taeyang - Ringa Linga
  • Jin - Gone
  • Park Myung Soo & Primary (feat. Gaeko) - I Got C
  • Yoo Sung Eun - Healing
  • San E (feat. Verbal Jing & Swings) - Where Did You Sleep?
  • missA - HUSH

News of the Week:

  • Primary gets caught plagiarizing
  • Get Your GAON: October Edition
  • SNSD's Jessica gets hurt, and maybe drunk, in Hong Kong
  • Boom, Andy, and Tony An get caught gambling
  • Eunhyuk's Twitter gets hacked again
  • Ailee get naked

Twitter: @thisweekinkpop