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This Week in Kpop

Dec 24, 2013

Welcome everyone to episode thirty six of This Week in Kpop.  In this episode, Stephen and Josh talk about the small releases of December. We apologize for taking so long to publish the episode!!

Music Videos of the Week:

  • M.I.B (feat. Bomi) - Worry About Yourself First
  • Tasty - Day'n Night
  • Apink & B.A.P - Mini
  • Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas
  • Pro C (feat. K.Will) - Bad Memory
  • Dickpunks - Goodbye Girlfriend
  • T-ara - Do You Know Me?

News of the Week:

  • Crayon Pop Plagiarism
  • Olleh Music Charts 2013
  • SM Rookies?

Twitter: @thisweekinkpop