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This Week in Kpop

Nov 27, 2013

Welcome everyone to episode thirty four of This Week in Kpop.  In this episode, Stephen and new co-host Josh talk about the lack of security for Kpop stars, sexy sexy Troublemaker, and urge you to give some of the non-idol groups a chance.

Music Videos of the Week:

  • G-Dragon - Who You?
  • Rhythm King (feat. Bumkey, Yenny, and Shorry J) - Thinking About You
  • Phantom (feat. Navi) - New Era
  • 2AM - Just Stay
  • AlphaBAT - AB City
  • Kim Ye Rim - Goodbye 20
  • T.O.P - Doom Dada

News of the Week:

  • Caro Emerald's producer forgives Primary
  • Crayon Pop and Infinite need better security
  • Ahreum uses Instagram to complain
  • Troublemaker makes trouble

Twitter: @thisweekinkpop