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This Week in Kpop

Jan 16, 2020

Stankpop is a Live Kpop Call In show streamed on Twitch every Sunday. Next episode (Jan 19th) will be at 5pm central time. Tune in live and call in about the newest Kpop music video releases and news. 

  • (2:30) Red Velvet - Psycho
  • (18:20) pH-1 (feat. Baek Yerin) - Nerdy Love
  • (31:20) Ateez - Answer
  • (56:50) Almeng - Um
  • (1:12:15) SF9 - Good Guy
  • (1:26:00) Big Hit buying Pledis
  • (1:36:15) Stray Kids - Mixtape: Gone Days

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Twitter: @thisweekinkpop
Instagram: @thisweekinkpop